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Falling into Family Fashion

Ahhh… family photo day. What you end up seeing in the final photos is not actually what went down. I am talking thirteen trips to Old Navy, a couple of crazy tots who are doing anything but listening, and one super annoyed spouse asking why the heck he agreed to this. After the endless search of perfectly coordinated outfits for the entire family, a date picked out that works with everyone’s schedule, and a time frame that revolves around the nap schedule, you finally set a date and put enough money down to pay for half a month’s worth of daycare.

Keeping expectations low but hopes still high, the big photo session day has arrived. As you’re heading out the door, one of your precious offspring gets a hold of a purple marker and colors all over themself. The other spills applesauce down their white shirt. After changing them in backup outfits, you load them in the car with snacks and treats… and another set of backup outfits, just incase.

You arrive, and it is like everyone is already worn out from hiking up a large down a small hill to the random grassy area where big black snakes are definitely in question. One child suddenly has the urge to have a racing contest by herself, so she disappears. The other one has a meltdown for no apparent reason (even as you’re holding her). So you crank out the snacks and start blasting “Baby Shark” and the “Gummi Bear” song on the iphone. Finally smiles. So they snap some candid shots. But you’re secretively hoping you’re not ruining the photo because you’re laughing in hysterics resulting in a couple of double-double chins. Or the photog doesn’t photograph you hunched over with awful posture showing off your booby-do (when belly sticks out further than your “boobies do).”

Meanwhile, the husband is giving more eyerolls then Chelsea Handler all while wifey-mama is attempting to remain positive, attempting to keep a sense of humor, and praying to sweet baby Jesus for more patience. After sweating like a dog gone pig from chasing and carrying them around, you feel like you should have been paid to direct this circus production. Or at least get some sort of paid shopping spree medal.

A week goes by and you get the photos back. And as you shuffle through them, you get a glimpse of a couple perfect shots. Of course, those are the ones you treasure the most because those are the split seconds on how you view your family during the “best” of times. And as you scroll through the rest, you realize the imperfect ones are just as perfect because they are true captures of your life right now. Real life. These still images show everyone’s true character and a reminder of how chaotic life is with little ones. Maybe those are not the ones that make it in the frames, on the walls, or even on your social feed. But those are the captures of the authentically crazy times because after all, those pics depict 99% of what life is with young tots is all about. And maybe, one day, it will be fun to look back on those super exhausting times. Because we are going to miss these days.

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