The most exciting part of a pregnancy, (aside from the moment you have the baby) is finding out if it is a little bambina or bambino. The weeks leading up to that you’re feeling pretty miserable because this little parasite who is slowly going from embryo to fetus is sucking the living life out of you. But then you enter the second trimester and are starting to feel more human and the little being starts to show off their genitals. NOW it gets exciting. I seriously do not know how mamas wait to find out until the day of the birth. You probably couldn’t pay me to wait that long. I have never been the one to wait until 20 weeks for the doctor, so I have hunted down a 3-D Ultra sound boutique tech to give us the scoop early.

Every night leading up to that 15/16 week mark, I feel like am looking for any and all clues to predict whether I am growing a vagina or a tiny penis inside of me. After all, you have got a 50/50 shot! As to what Jamie and I are wanting is actually another GIRL. But I would be just as excited to have a boy as well. We are still praying for a little girl so I don’t spend boat-loads on boy clothes this time around and let’s face it, I have a pretty big obsession with all things baby girl. My symptoms were pretty similar to when I was pregnant with Lottie except during the first trimester, the nausea seemed worse, I had (still having) awful headaches, and this time around I do not have an aversion to meat. So, at first I was thinking a GIRL but based on my old wives tales tests and gut feeling, we are now thinking BOY.

The following are tests that I did to help me predict whether it is a girl or boy.

  1. BAKING SODA TEST:  This test you pee into a cup and add like a TBSP of baking soda into it and if it fizzes it is a boy, of it doesn’t fizz, it is a girl. Results: BOY
  2. RING TEST: I am sure you have all heard of dangling your wedding ring on a string and if it goes in circles it is a girl if it swings back and fourth it is a boy. Results: GIRL
  3. MAYAN TEST: if your birthdate and the year you have the conceive the baby are both even and odd years it is a girl, if one is even and one is odd, it is a boy. My birthday year is 1985 and I conceived in 2017. Both ODD. Results: GIRL
  4. CHINESE CALENDAR: I just plugged the month we must have conceived as well as the age I was/am during conception and into this website. They were right last time with a girl, and I hear a lot of people swear by this one! Results: BOY
  5. ACNE: Lots of acne indicates girl and glowing skin is supposed to mean boy. I, however, do not know a pregnancy without looking like a pepperoni pizza, so results: GIRL
  6. CRAVINGS: Sweets and FRUIT all day long. As well as bread, mama NEEDS carbs and carbonation for both pregnancies. I am craving very similar things. When I am not a preggo mama, I can go most of the day without breads or sweets. HOWEVER, I am eating like a teenage boy who ate a truck driver. So it could go either way. Results: GIRL/BOY
  7. BABY’S HEART RATE: They say above 140 is Boy but this heart rate is lot lower than Lottie’s which was always in upper 160’s to lower 170’s. This time the heart rate is measuring 143 which tells me: BOY
  8. RAMZI THEORY: They say when the baby’s placenta implants on the right side of the uterus, it is a girl and the left indicates boy. You can google this theory more because it can get quite confusing depending if you have a transvaginal ultrasound or abdominal. This was true for Lottie last time and this time, the placenta was interior left. BOY
  9. FACE AND NOSE FULLER: OMG. I am already up 13lbs, shoot me. Results: GIRL
  10. MOODY: Right around 4 weeks or so, I had some mood swing break down crying about something so trivial, I can’t even admit it on the world wide web. I don’t think it gets any more emotional. Results: GIRL
  11. MORNING SICKNESS: They say girls give you morning sickness and boys don’t give you too much. I have never been painfully sick (even with Lottie) but I have definitely felt like I have had a hangover everyday for 6 straight weeks (minus the upchucking). Results: GIRL
  12. HEARTBURN: Symptoms of heartburn indicates girl AND I believe the baby is supposed to have a head full of hair. I do not get heartburn on the usual, but I do get some in the middle of the night, so for that reason results are: GIRL
  13. HAIRLINE TEST: So, apparently if the child before you has a hairline that goes straight across, the next baby will be the same gender/sex. If the child has a point, it will be the opposite gender. I have heard this to be true for a few friends. Lottie’s hairline has a point to it so results are: BOY 
  14. CARRYING HIGH OR LOW: Way too soon to tell. All I have is a FUPA baby so I am pretty sure that can go either way. Results: Undetermined

SCORE- 8 GIRL and 6 BOY. Will Santa Claus be bringing a brother or a sister for Lottie for Christmas? Did I miss any other fun “tests” that did or did not work with you? I can’t imagine producing a boy because I have been used to lady parts my entire life, but I am SO excited to find out and reveal the gender! In the next week, we will be sharing results! 🙂


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    Amber McHose
    July 6, 2017 at 8:29 pm

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼this is so fun! I vote girl because you’re so good at dressing her!

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      Jessica L
      July 6, 2017 at 9:48 pm

      I think it is fun too! I love witnessing everyone’s gender! I thought girl for you too! But that was probably because I was hoping I could shop for girl clothes! Ha:) Thanks Ambs!

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