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20 Mommy & Me Clothing Websites To Check Out

Hi Mamacitas! I am always on the search for cute, stylish, fun clothes to coordinate with your little one. Keyword is *STYLISH*! While I prefer to shop for clothes and coordinate outfits and piece them together, I do love a good designer who just gets it. These are the companies who use the same fabric but develop different cuts and styles, which makes for the perfect coordinated look. There are a few cute shops who sell mommy and me items,…

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The most exciting part of a pregnancy, (aside from the moment you have the baby) is finding out if it is a little bambina or bambino. The weeks leading up to that you’re feeling pretty miserable because this little parasite who is slowly going from embryo to fetus is sucking the living life out of you. But then you enter the second trimester and are starting to feel more human and the little being starts to show off their genitals.…

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