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Gingham & Gladiators

Happy Happy Mother’s Day Week, Mamas!

This past year my entire world has changed. Like most ladies who have a baby, you can completely lose yourself and kind of forget who you are. In a way you feel lost, and like you are starting all over again and trying to figure out this “new you.” After the first 12 months, I literally feel like I was pulling back layers of this new me, and I can finally admit I am finally getting the hang of mommy-hood. I am honestly loving how she is inspiring me to look deeper into my passions and unveiling my new interests.

Somedays, I barely make the effort to put on makeup or put a bra on, but the days I do, I feel like I get so much more accomplished. So when I find an outfit that coordinates with Lottie, I know we are going to have a great day. A fresh outfit and some mascara can really turn a blah day into a good day sometimes. 🙂

I love this gingham look with little Lots. Gingham print is so on trend right now, and to me, it is a print that will probably never go out of style. This romper was the VERY first outfit I got her from Moderne Child BEFORE I even knew she was a girl! I literally thought she was going to be a boy because her ultrasound photos just sort of looked like a boy at that stage. So I took the chance, and bought the romper anyway around the time she was the size of a small peach. A year and a half later, it is SO fun to finally see HER rock it.

I don’t believe you can find her romper anymore since I bought it over a year and a half ago, but click here for some other Osh Gosh versions of this cute baby gingham print: Small print Gingham RomperLarge print gingham romper 

I have had a few mama’s inquire about Lottie’s baby gladiator sandals. I got hers on a deal of the day on Zulily. You can find some ADORABLE versions on Joyfolie’s link here: Girl Gladiator Sandals 

Revolve Clothing is headlining all of their gray gingham print clothing today! What are the odds, but you can get creative with their collections with this link here: Revolve Gingham Print Collection

I hope you all are inspired to play around with prints with your little girl! Have a very special Mother’s Day weekend with your tiny humans, my hardworking and loving mamas!

Photography Credit: Bliss Eleven

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