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10 Best Mommy and Me Brands To Bookmark Now

Going on Vacation with the family soon? Bookmark this page for direct links to the best shops. Go ahead and bookmark this page because the following are going to be a huge life and time saver (but a detriment to your bank account). I’ve added links that direct you to the mommy+me kids site so you never have to navigate through them again. Go ahead and click through all of them. They’re AMAZING. LIL LEMONS/FOR LOVE AND LEMONS – The…

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Mama & Mini Vacay Looks

If there is anything I love more than going on a getaway to a new place, it is preparing for the trip itself with all the little girl clothes. One of the reasons I started this blog was to help mama’s hunt down super cute mommy and me fashion finds. My favorite types of clothing to shop for is always vacationwear. And when you can match the mini in a swimsuit, coverup or even just going to dinner, I’m so…

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Falling into Family Fashion

Ahhh… family photo day. What you end up seeing in the final photos is not actually what went down. I am talking thirteen trips to Old Navy, a couple of crazy tots who are doing anything but listening, and one super annoyed spouse asking why the heck he agreed to this. After the endless search of perfectly coordinated outfits for the entire family, a date picked out that works with everyone’s schedule, and a time frame that revolves around the…

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5 Ways To Avoid Buying Maternity Clothes

Hey Hey Mamas! I know it has been awhile. When I first started this blog, I was planning on posting once a week. But soon after I made this commitment, I started baking a baby, and creating an eyeball or two can take a lot out of a mama;) Anywho, excuses aside, I plan to be a little more proactive about posting about fun outfit inspiration with your mini until the big labor day. But since this will be my second time…

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20 Mommy & Me Clothing Websites To Check Out

Hi Mamacitas! I am always on the search for cute, stylish, fun clothes to coordinate with your little one. Keyword is *STYLISH*! While I prefer to shop for clothes and coordinate outfits and piece them together, I do love a good designer who just gets it. These are the companies who use the same fabric but develop different cuts and styles, which makes for the perfect coordinated look. There are a few cute shops who sell mommy and me items,…

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The most exciting part of a pregnancy, (aside from the moment you have the baby) is finding out if it is a little bambina or bambino. The weeks leading up to that you’re feeling pretty miserable because this little parasite who is slowly going from embryo to fetus is sucking the living life out of you. But then you enter the second trimester and are starting to feel more human and the little being starts to show off their genitals.…

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Fourth of July Family Fashion

Yay! We are finally back after taking a little must needed break due to some news I will be announcing shortly:) BUT I am SO excited to share with you all a fun family patriotic look, which this time includes my hunky husband. My second all time favorite holiday (next to Christmas…I am a total Christmas nut) has got to be this summer time holiday, Fourth of July. I love celebrating in my home town, Lake Saint Louis, MO. It’s…

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Kaftans & Kinship

Happy FRIYAY! We are officially counting down the days until summer! We only have 3 weeks until Memorial Day weekend is here!! That means school is out, the pools are open, and BBQ’s are happening. If you are a lucky little ducky, you have family getaway to look forward to as well. Family vacations, for me, are to create lots of memories while taking endless photos and watching Lottie take on a bunch of her new “firsts.” I can’t wait to…

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Bold Stripes With Your Mini

Hello pretty mamas!! Welcome to MOMBY Style! (MOMBY= MOM+BABY) Thanks for stopping by to view and read my first blog post! I know what you are thinking, “not ANOTHER mommy blogger?!” But I am telling ya, this one is going to be different! 😉 I am so excited to show you some fun mommy and me style ideas that are not cheesy or over-the-top matchy-matchy. I love the idea of coordinating looks with your bambina, while their age allows it.…

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